The Games [4Diversity] Jam explores ways to incorporate feminine and LGBT aspects to games in a constructive way: creating games. Hereby the 24-hour development session will show that female, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues can enrich games in an innovative and positive manner. So let’s jam! And diversify the game industry content now!

Why are we doing it? The game industry is changing. A growing amount of women work in the industry and more and more individuals openly express their sexuality at work. However, the diversity found on the work floor poorly reflects in the games produced.

peachcryingWomen in games are too often portrayed as mere sex objects. Characters like Lara Croft and Princess Peach are characterized by stereotypical (and rather old-fashioned) thoughts on femininity. Lara sports an oversized bosom and Peach’s special power is… crying (e.g. getting emotional). Although the latest installment of Tomb Raider portrays Lara in a less sexualized manner, today’s games appear colored to suit a white straight male audience of 25 years old.

What’s more, same sex romances are scarcely found in games. Games seldom portray homosexual protagonists, and when they do, the characters are either extravert comedians or disposable sidekicks. Notable expectations are the Fable, The Sims and Mass Effect series. Players of these games can romance same sex characters in a meaningful way. Still, these games are far and few found.masseffect

The game industry needs more diverse content. However, the incorporation of feminine aspects or LGBT content can lead to public controversy. When Mass Effect players could romance same sex characters in its first installment, blogger Kevin McCullough falsely accused BioWare for creating a game containing ‘rape and sodomy’. Fox News picked up and headlined the item: ‘full graphic sex’. Hereby portraying LGBT content as vulgar and repulsive. Amongst others, this may be a reason for game companies to be hesitant towards incorporating LGBT content in games.

It’s time to show them wrong, and show how a feminine and/or LGBT perspective of life may elicit innovative and new games!tombraider

Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Gemeente Amsterdam
Fontys Hogeschool voor ICT
Eindhoven University of Technology
Control Magazine
Café Prik
Amnesty International
Saturday March 8th
time Program item
09:00 Registration [coffee & tea]
09:15 Selfie – send/make a selfie at the photo booth
09:30 15 minutes with Zuraida ButerZuraida ButerDirector Global Game Jam
Industry Woman of 2013An Ideology on Game Jams
09:45 NathalieKorsman15 Minutes with Nathalie Korsman: Community Manager: Moderating Diversity in gender and sexuality in Habbo Hotel
10:00 Group Formation: diversify your team (if needed. if you are already in a team this is not not needed)
10:15 Start Jamming
13:00 Concepting Lunch: Jammers present their game concept in 30 second pitches
Feeedback Round:
jammers award other teams for the achievements of:Most feasible concept
Most diverse ideas
Most innovative approach (tech-wise)
Most innovative gameplay
Best integration of LGBT in proposed gameplay
Best integration of femininity in proposed gameplay
Most humorous/touching pitch
13:30 Dev++: Jammers work on their first prototype
18:00 Appertizer Prototype Jammers present their prototype in 5 minute play-feedback sessions[Every group leaves a representative and minutes secretary at their booth. Other jammers will circle all other teams to play their prototype. Every 5 minute a buzzer will announce a change of group. Jammers have at least 1 minute of gameplay ready of the feedbackers]
Feedback Round:
jammers award other teams for the achievements of:Best playable prototype
Most advanced prototyped (technical)
Best Lived up to expectation raised by the pitch
Best integration of LGBT in proposed gameplay
Best integration of femininity in proposed gameplay
Best feedback receiver
Best feedback giver
20:00 Dinner (somewhere in Amdm)
21:00 DDR – Prik Café: Spuistraat 109
 Finding somewhere to sleep (Amnesty = closed)
Sunday March 9th
time Program item
09:00 ReBoot-Coffee: Short announcements and welcoming words
09:15 Dev+++
12:00 Beyond: a platform for your diverse creations (by Alice Rendell & Meggy Pepelanova)Beta-Lunch: During the Lunch Jammers present their games to other teams
Feedback Round:
jammers award other teams for the achievements of:
Best playable game
Eye-Candy: Best Art
Best integration of LGBT in actual gameplay
Best integration of femininity in actual gameplay
Best feedback receiver 2.0
Best feedback giver 2.0
14:00 Groupie the organization will come by to make a picture of the team[Deadline] Press screenshot @ Dop :D
filename: [gametiltle].[groupname].[version].jpg Max Resolution.
16:30 [Deadline] 150 words description of the game
17:00 [Deadline] 30 second trailer
[Deadline] 4 screenshots of gameplay
[Deadline] Splash screen (if available)
[Deadline] 1 min raw gameplay footage
19:00 Final presentation for visitors
19:45 Wrapping up
20:00 Award Ceremony Winner best overall diversity game
Winner Audience Award
20:15 Drinks

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