Games [4Health] Jam 2014

May 16-17 GGZe Eindhoven

48 hours to explore how cognitive therapy can benefit from games.
We are looking for game developers and therapist to join this 48 hour development session. Let’s Jam and help clients with psychic disorders. Like all the Games [4...] Jams we welcome everyone from every country.

Sleeping arrangements are made on site. Tickets include participation 2x Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, and a mixer. A jury will depict which games will go to Games for Health Europe (and other conferences / events).

De GameJam [4Research]

April 26-27 CHI2014 Toronto

This GameJam explores in 12+ hours how gamejams can be utilized as a research tool / method for academic research. The jamsession is part of the CHI 2014 workshops in Toronto on April 26-27.

Applications and position papers can be found here.

The Games [4Diversity] Jam

March 14-15 Los Angelos, USA
March 28-29 Amsterdam, EU

The Games [4Diversity] Jam explores how socio-cultural and gendered perspectives can incite new and innovative games. The 2014 edition explored how feminine and LGBTQ perspectives can inspire new games. The 2015 edition will focus upon ethnic backgrounds.

We are currently looking for sponsors, volunteers and outreach. Feel free to contact Menno Deen if you have any questions or wish to offer your assistance in one way or another.

  • Twocan (by Touchy Subject)
  • SwimNote
  • ColorPop
  • ReactionRoll (by FreeFall)
  • Cave Explorer
  • Public Space Invaders
  • Kweekvijver / Custom Fish
  • Block Out (by T.J.P.I.)
  • PanicPoint [CalmCuttleFish]
  • Sheep Herder (by Team Flip It!)
  • PirateRaft
  • Smashing Aggression Canalisation (by Brick Smashers)
  • Stail  [HeArtless]
  • Swim-A-Song
  • CHI PutPocket
  • Games [4Research] Jam Application
  • The Personal is Procedural: The Game Jam as Storytelling Platform
  • Jamming and researching the Play BOOST framework
  • Just Touch It! Can you go all the way?
  • Gamejam 4 Research Workshop Proposal
  • Game Jam 4 Investigating Design Issues with (partly) autonomous systems
  • Car Mechanic
  • Game Jam as an approach for business modeling
  • Sound and the ‘Video Game’
  • Design for Digital, Physical, Social Play
  • CHI Spy
  • Game Jams: Pedagogic Benefits
  • Game Jamming The well-played  (computer) game
  • Exploring Novel Interfaces through  Game Jams
  • 2D Platformer Games to Investigate  Interfaces + Game Mechanics
  • Issues and Opportunities Facing Game Jams for Design Research
  • Game Jams: A Method for Starting, Working On and Completing Games
  • Dating Apps and Playable Bodies
  • A Positioning Statement (for the GameJam [4Research])
  • Proposal for inclusion into CHI 2014   Game Jam [4Research]

About Games [4...] Jams

The Games [4...] Jams are 50h (or less) game development sessions. Game designers, developers, artists, academics and other experts come together to explore research questions or social issues through the creation of games. The limited time frame, diverse crowd and design freedom results in a creative outlet for these game professionals, to explore new directions and form innovative perspective on game design and development.

The [4...] in Games [4...] Jam depicts the theme of game jam. This theme always considers a socio-cultural issue that mandates our attention. This can be the prevention of obesities, a better understanding of design process, fuel for academic research, or the inclusion of minorities.

For example, the Games [4Health] Jam explores questions within the domain of health. The 2010 jam explored the playful possibilties of a foot trottle. This computer peripheral was the main interface for Games [4Rehabilitation].

Other Games [4Health] Jams explored games in public environments and swimming pools. Whilst the Games [4Design] Jam – CHI’13 explored the design of novel interfaces for innovative games. Lastly, the Games [4Diverstity] Jam explores how social-minority issues can be incorporated in games to diversity today’s game-landscape in a meaningful manner.

the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Café Prik
Gemeente Amsterdam
Hogeschool Zuyd
Games for Health Europe
Eindhoven University of Technology
Nederlands Instituut voor Sport en Bewegen
Exertion Games Lab
Waiariki Institue of Technology
Amnesty International
Control Magazine
Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg Eindhoven
Fontys Hogeschool voor ICT
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
The Games [4...] Jam is initiated by Menno Deen (Fontys – TU/e), Rob Tieben (TU/e – Fontys) en Mark van Kuijk (Fontys – Lapp). Thanks to the people below, we were able to host an annual Games [4Health] Jam, the Games [4Design] Jam, and the upcoming Games [4Diversity] Jam.

MennoDeenRobTiebenMarkvanKuijkLuukWaarbroekJanienkeSturmflorianAlanBryan Cash

Every Games [4...] Jam is juried by experts in the field, amongst others these were:

Zuraida ButerJurriaan van RijswijkBen SchoutenBerry EggenMatthijs Dierckx Pim BoumanMartijn van BestArjan TerpstraBastiaan LijesenJP van SeventerMark OvermarsJeroen Hoyng

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