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Welcome to Games [4…] Jams

Games [4…] Jams are gamejams that tackle tough issues and use uncommon perspectives as inspiration for new and innovative game design. At the moment we organize jams in three major themes:

  • [Health] – exploring how the health sector can be enriched with games and playful interventions
  • [Diversity] – contributing to the improved representation and inclusion of socio-cultural minorities in popular culture by adopting new perspective as an inspiring tool to develop new and innovative games.
  • [Research] – exploring how gamejams can be used as a research method to explore academic questions and hypothesis

Upcoming: Games [4…] Jam = Games [4Diversity] Jam 2016: I Believe!

discussionGames [4Diversity] Jam 2016: I Believe!

How can different (aspects of) beliefs, religions or ideologies change the way we play?

Our society is the product of beliefs, lifestyles and ideologies. These beliefs have brought people together, fostering harmonious communities of peace and prosperity. The same beliefs divide us, incite civil wars and initiate revolutions.

Traditional beliefs have cultivated and fostered the way we play. Most obvious are the Fantasy-themed open worlds, which are rooted in western Folklore. Or the dystopian Science-Fiction-Action-RPGs, which correspond to Christian thoughts on an imminent apocalypse. Less obvious appears the insurmountable divide between ‘the good’ and ‘the evil’. This divide can be associated with Western ideologies about fairness and justice, and may elicit the ‘them vs. us’ play of competitive games.

In many ways, believes depict the way we play. It appears to be a product of a rather unconscious and implicit theory of play that is depicted by our cultural heritage. Stichting Games [4Diversity] wants to facilitate critical reflection upon our own beliefs, our implicit theory about society and the validity of our ideologies.

In this year’s edition of the annual Games [4Diversity] Jam, we investigate less prominent belief systems. Can a different perspective on life instantiate new and innovative games? And how can these games contribute to improved representation and inclusion of socio-cultural minorities in popular culture?

Enlist now for the Games [4Diversity] Jam 2016: I Believe! or organise your very own jam session on the subject! Contact us to contribute to more diversity in the game industry!


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